Unlock Your Sexual Desire 5-day Challenge
starts 3 June 2024

This FREE 5-Day Challenge is designed to guide you through powerful Sexual Desire Matrix helping you find your desire switch so you enjoy  physical intimacy that melts your heart. 

Sexual Desire Challenge

Why do some women seem to effortlessly own their desire, be sensual & attractive and enjoy soulful intimacy, while others struggle with their desire and get stuck in unsatisfying relationships?

About Tarisha

Tarisha Tourok has helped hundreds of women to connect to the power & beauty of their sensuality and sexuality so they become free, attractive and confident and as a result, enjoy soul-fulfilling intimacy.

Tarisha is a creator of the Sexually Empowered Radiant Woman Method that integrates eastern sacred sexuality teachings with western psychotherapy knowledge. The Method supports women who are done feeling sexually unfulfilled to learn practical steps so they open the door to soulful intimacy no matter their age, size, shape or race.

 Tarisha is able to quickly help you identify your unique path to fulfilling intimacy based on the powerful Sexual Desire Matrix… so you can bring your unique gifts and womanly flavour to create a soulful relationship that’s right for you.

So What's Unlock Your Sexual Desire 5-Day Challenge?

1 live training 60 minutes a day

Recordings available for 24 hours

In this challenge you’ll…

Discover the 5 pillars of the Desire Matrix so you liberate your desire and transform your intimate life.
Break free from the invisible obstacles that restrict your sexual fulfilment so that you set yourself free to enjoy heart-melting intimacy.
 Learn practical, everyday strategies to keep your journey of sexual empowerment alive, so that your newfound joy and passion become a natural part of your daily life.
Discover your innermost desires, so that you can connect deeply with what truly ignites your passion and joy in intimacy.

Join this FREE Unlock Your Sexual Desire Challenge to Discover Your Desire Switch and Your Unique Path to Heart-Melting and Spirit-Infused Love Life