My Body is a Gift

My_body _is_a_gift

How do you feel about your body?

Feeling great about our body is a big deal.

My happiness depends on my relationship with my body.

This is the relationship I choose to honour and give time to. Ahh, the joy and bliss of being in the body!

My body is my home.

Even more tender, my body is a gift.

And I accept her fully as I accept gifts. With gratitude. Thank you for giving me this complex, alive and magnificent being with all her shortcomings and beauty. 

My ego goes, no, I’m the boss, the body is here to serve me and I can do whatever I want with it. 

Ahhh… Yes, darling, and I choose to come with respect, to treat my body as a beloved. This is a relationship I choose to nourish. 

What if someone tells you they love you, but their actions show otherwise? What if you talk to them and they don’t listen? You’d stop talking, right? You won’t believe their love. 

That’s what’s happening with our bodies. They stopped talking. But sometimes they scream in the form of disease, just so we listen.

I commit to listening to my body. Talk to me. Thank you for being here for me.

Last week I was dealing with my childhood trauma. The bleeding and fainting incident when I was 5 years old and no one was around for a couple of hours. Well, back then it felt like eternity. The hell that never ends. 

I was fond of cakes, yummy Russian cakes. No one was home, so I washed the recyclable bottles (you could turn them in for cash in those days) and run to the shop with the bottles to exchange them for my favourite marble cake. These cakes had this intricate marble drawing on icing and were melting in my mouth with a strong vanilla smell that spoke love to me.

Well, I was running too fast. I was too excited to taste love, be one with love as I’d ate my cake. The broken bottles were too sharp for my little fingers. A piece of flesh fell out of my thumb. I somehow walked backed home and lied on the balcony. 

Yes, it did feel like dying. Fainting and coming back again. Terrified.

I realised last week, I stopped trusting my body on some level because of that incidence. I was losing control of my body, I couldn’t stand up and save myself. I was way too little.

But my body was looking after me! Even when I couldn’t, and my parents were god knows where, my body was still there. The body was slowing down and fainting to keep the blood flow slow. To keep me immobilised till someone comes home. The body was breathing and doing everything so I survive. Later my dad came and got me to the emergency unit. But that’s a different story.

My body is a gift. My body is always there for me. Wow…

That’s what happens so often with victims of sexual abuse. They stop trusting their body. It’s really scary to live in a house and not trust its safety…

This is why #MeToo movement is so important. It brings sexual trauma to consciousness and returns us to trusting our bodies again. Well, of course if there is enough support and trauma is processed. Otherwise we can get re-traumatazied. 

That’s why #believesurvivors movement is important. Of course, one side of it is that perpetrators have to be held accountable for what they’ve done. But the other part is that the victims of assault bring their pain into light and get support.

I just hope that we always remember that perpetrators are victims themselves and need healing as well. They were at one point little vulnerable kids who didn’t get their needs met.

How do you feel about your body?

Feeling great about our body is a big deal.

When women feel bad about their body it affects the quality of their life dramatically. It snaps their happiness away. It takes away their confidence. They are dimming their light and hide away. There is no space for love or connection when we feel bad about ourselves. We are more likely to use others to prove our worthiness and lovability, rather than freely share our love.

Ask yourself: Am I walking around with unspoken questions “Do you love me?”, “Do you think I’m loveable?”

Women who hate their body struggle with their weight and health because they feel so disconnected and can’t really chose the food that’s good for them. 

Women who learn how to become friends with their body shine! They radiate love and joy. They step into their power and visibility. They feel loved and connected and freely give love. They enjoy the best possible diet for them because their body tells them exactly what they need to eat and do to be in the best shape for them. 

Most of us never learnt:* How to look after ourselves* How to celebrate our sexuality*How to open up the mysteries of our body

Our bodies are fine tuned living beings that require a lot of attention to open their secret wisdom and power.

But most of us didn’t have good role models and for most of us our mothers didn’t teach us how to love & accept ourselves, and how to access that deeper feminine wisdom that lies deep within every woman. Right?We must tend to this relationship first if we want to be successful in creating the body we love and enjoying the life we desire. The real magic happens when you unlock your body’s ancient wisdom and fully awaken your feminine sexuality. That’s when you’ll experience the joy and bliss of being in the body!

Over the next week I invite you to:

* Practice having an internal focus on your body. 

* Become  more and more sensitive to how it feels to be inside your body. 

* Ask your body how she feels and…

* Listen! And…

* Act. Actions speak louder than words.

This shift in your focus will make it easier and easier for you to know what you need. It will nourish you and your body. It will also bring more pleasure from being in your body. 

Then, and only then can you create a body you truly love.

Big hug, Tarisha

P.S. I’m releasing a new video training in next couple of weeks on how to create the body you truly love, be a radiant woman and create partnership with your body.

Keep an eye for it!

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