The Bliss Pilgrimage

Are you ready to break free from feeling like you’re not doing enough and not being enough? Do you want to connect to your wild radiant woman and let her out? 

So you live a meaningful life full of bliss… So you feel whole, radiant and sensually alive…

Read on if you feel like your to-do list rules your life, your feel uninspired, wondering where did your desire go and your pleasure took a back seat…

Join me on The Bliss Pilgrimage, a 3-day journey for women to the stunning Tarawera Lake.

Step away from your ordinary reality to immerse yourself in nature and activate the power and beauty of your sensuality. 

This is an opportunity to re-wild yourself, open your body to the immense power of bliss, and connect with a group of powerful, radiant women.

This is for you if you yearn to:

Day 1 - Arriving and Opening Your Body and Heart:

Thursday, 9th of March

Arrive in Rotorua. We’ll stay at Top10 Holiday Park on Blue Lake. You’ll need to book your own accommodation here

Alternatively, you can arrive on Friday, 10th of March at 8.30 am. We will leave by 9 am. So I highly recommend you arrive the night before.

Day 2 - Awakening Your Senses and Coming Back to Your Innocence:

Friday, 10th of March, 9am start

We’ll embark on a 4-hour hike that will awaken your senses, take you back into your body and away from the guilt, shame and judgements in your head. So you’ll start to feel vibrantly alive, full of energy and desire for love and life. You’ll reconnect to your ability to savour life.

Along the way, you’ll be guided through powerful sacred sexuality and nature-infused practices that will open up your body, mind, and spirit to your bliss. 

The natural beauty will support you to go deeper. 

The walking will support you in releasing anger, shame and judgements so you become innocent and free in your authentic expression.

Sleep on the shores of stunning Tarawera Lake

Day 3 - Igniting Your Bliss:

Saturday, 11th March

Wake up to the beauty and tranquillity of the Lake and start your day with a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear waters of Tarawera Lake and a yoga practice. 

The water will support you in clearing away any remaining shame, guilt and judgments so your wild radiant woman have a space to show up.

Play on the hot water beach to embrace your innocent and playful nature.

We’ll spend the day on the lake connecting to our sensuality and bliss through ancient and potent practices in the stunning natural surroundings. 

We’ll explore different ways to tap into your inner power, through activities such as visioning, breathwork, deep sharing, and nature walks.

Sleep on the lakefront.

Day 4 - Power Practices to Take Home:

Wake up to your own beauty and radiance and see it being reflected in the waters of the lake. 

We’ll have breakfast, a sharing circle and then walk back for 4 hours.

During the walk we’ll integrate our journey while creating a clear plan to continue expanding your bliss after the pilgrimage. 

You’ll have the opportunity to reflect on your breakthroughs, set intentions for the future and have crystal clear clarity that the Lake brought you on your next steps so you keep on expanding your bliss.

We’ll come out by 4pm on Sunday.


Our group is limited to just 6 women, so take advantage of this opportunity to re-wild yourself, open your body to the immense power of bliss, and connect with a group of powerful, radiant women. 

You’ll forge strong and supportive friendships that will help you stay connected to your truth and bliss for years to come.

I’ll provide tents and food for Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner and Sunday breakfast. 

All you need to bring is your personal clothing, sleeping bag, camping matt, lunch for the way in an out and snacks for 3 days. Everything else will be at the camp waiting for you.

The investment into your blissful life is $1,497 or 4 monthly payments of $397.

Register today to secure your spot on The Bliss Pilgrimage.

IMPORTANT: This event is weather dependent. I have talked to the Gods and Goddesses and they promised fine weather. And they said they reserve the right to change their minds.

Terms & Conditions: $300 is non-refundable upon payment. 50% is refundable if cancelled before 21st February 2023. 25% refundable if cancelled before 3rd March 2023. After 3rd March 2023 100% is non-refundable. If the event is cancelled due to Gods and Goddesses playing up with the weather, your investment is 100% refundable less $50 booking for the campground that I won’t be able to recover.

To your bliss and freedom!